Why Top Quality Tents Are a Must for Serious Campers


If you are a camper who enjoys camping in all types of terrain and in cold weather, you will need to purchase a sturdy, mountain tent.

If you like camping in exposed areas, you will need a tent designed for this type of situation. Manufactures such as Outwell offer a vast range of tents suitable for all situations and demonstrate the diversity which is available.

The geodesic has a self-supporting structure, while the shape offers more room than the equivalent family camping tent.

A good tent will have a double zipper that can be rolled back; this will help you to cook in the lobby area of your tent, without having to be exposed to the elements in bad weather.

Another area where a good tent can be distinguished from cheaper models is the fly. On a good tent the fly is typically much heavier than traditional lightweight tents, but there should also be seals on the joints to prevent the infiltration of water coming through: as anyone who has been camping in winter will be able to testify, there is nothing worse than waking up to discover that you are soaking wet due to a leaky tent.

Many good quality tents also have attachment points with reflective tape on them. Why? So you can see where you are pitching your tent in the dark.

Tent poles are also an area that you may want to consider when looking to purchase a new tent. Poles are of much higher quality on a good tent that is designed for winter and mountain conditions.

They will typically slot into brass eyelets, which flex and create a strong structure that is self-supporting. Peg sections through the same nylon straps that hold the poles together, are also something to look out for. This should mean that the flysheet can be tightened, making the tent more secure and storm-proof.

Good quality tents are not for everyone. For example if you are looking to go to a music festival, or just some light-summer camping than many of the elements mentioned may not be necessary. However, if you intend taking camping seriously, then it really is worthwhile investing in a good quality product. Especially if you are heading into the mountains and need somewhere to safely sleep and store all of your climbing equipment.

You pay for the fact that a mountain tent is more durable and can withstand extreme temperatures, compared to a light tent. However, this sort of tent is an essential piece of camping equipment and should not be neglected when preparing for a hike. Just as you wouldn’t embark on a hike without the correct hi-tec walking boots you should never undertake an expedition unless you have the right tent for the situation.

How to Store your Tent Properly

The other major killer of tents is dampness. If you store your tent without first trying dry it properly then you will find out just how fast mildew sets in. Try to make a habit of drying the outer layer of your tent in the sun before storing. Either lay it out on your lawn, or, if you can, hang it on your washing line on a dry day.

If your tent is muddy after use do not use harsh cleaners or bleach on it, just use fresh water and brush to prevent damage, and you’ll be able to clean most dirt and mud away. Then dry it thoroughly before packing it for storage. If you do not, the next time you take your tent storage space, you may find it is destroyed forever.