Scottish Hill Walking Gift Experience

Liam Pryor and his partner went on a Scottish hill walking experience one weekend. Their trip was not only enjoyable; it prompted a massive life change for them both. Here is Liam’s review.

Scottish Hill WalkingSince the birth of our second child, Marie and I hardly ever got out. Before we had the kids we were both very sporty and loved walking. With two children and four little legs, going on long hikes are not really plausible at the moment, so we had hung up our rain jackets and shoved the walking boots to the back of the wardrobe.

However, a friend of mine had recently returned from a walking weekend in Scotland and had been going on about what an exhilarating experience it had been. It inspired me to book Marie and myself onto a Scottish hill walking weekend in Fort William. I booked the gift experience online and found some lovely accommodation on the weekend of our anniversary.

Needless to say Marie was surprised and completely overwhelmed that I had not only booked us a trip away, but had even remembered to sort childcare! So with our bags packed and my extra Brownie points bundled up under my arm, off we went.

Neither of us had ever been to Scotland before, so we were both excited to see it, but when we arrived, we were blown away with how beautiful the countryside is. Views of concrete roundabouts and cracked pavements in Slough just aren’t the same as rolling hillsides and green fields.

The instructor who would be taking us on our walks seemed very nice and was keen to get everyone else in the group acquainted, so we all felt at ease with one another. Fort William is best known for being at the base of Ben Nevis, which is the highest mountain in Britain. On the first day we walked along Mamores, through Nevis Gorge and onto Steall Falls. The backdrops were perfect. We were also quite high up and during one rest stop we had, I was almost moved to tears by how stunning the scenes before me really were.

Our instructor knew everything there was to know about the area and made us laugh with stories about the locals and various other groups he has led. On the second day we walked round Loch Linnhe, which is one of the longest sea lochs in Scotland. I have some wonderful memories of us walking round, cracking jokes about seeing the Loch Ness monster.

It was also later that day, that Marie and I made a huge decision, that was to change our lives completely. We were so blown away by the area, the clean air, the friendly people and the amazing views, that we both decided we were going to move to Fort William. Back home, a lot of our friends thought that our decision would eventually be shelved, but 12 months later we are here, living our new lives in Fort William.

We are unbelievably happy here and the kids have settled down really well. Marie and I do a lot of walking and we are getting to know the area really well. We can even take the kids with us now that they are a little bit older. Our aim is to get them up Ben Nevis one day! Our friends and family love coming to stay with us as for them it is like a mini holiday. We are in no doubt that we made the right decision to move here and we owe it all to the walking experience that we took.