Flight options

Scotland is known for its many rolling green hills and mountain tops which is why every year thousands of people flock to the country in order to go hill walking among the beautiful and virtually untouched landscape.  With trails for those that are beginners and more adventurous routes for those who in great physical shape, there is plenty to tackle in Scotland for everyone, once you figure out the best way to fly into the country so that you can take a hill walking holiday.

The first thing that you will need to decide is what you level of skill you are and your physical condition so that you can pick the appropriate trail and location for your party.  Once you know your destination you can then begin to consider which airport to fly into in Scotland. Although Scotland is not a huge country, it does offer a variety of flights and different airports from many locations throughout England including Glasgow, Aberdeen, Edinburgh, and Inverness, with many different carriers that offer both scheduled and chartered flights into the country.

Which airport you fly into will largely depend on where you intend to hike and what airport you intend to fly out of within England.  Flybe and Thomson Airlines offer a great deal of flights from all over England into Scotland, but the best way to determine which Scottish airport will be the best to fly into is by seeing what services are offered out of your nearest airport.

Usually you can then find an appropriate trail for hill walking matched to your skill somewhere within a reasonable vicinity of the airport. Finally, once you reach the airport the last step will be picking up a car hire and then driving it towards your accommodation in the hills and of course your final destination for hill walking.

It is best to book your car hire in advance so that you can rest assured that there will a vehicle waiting and available for you once you arrive.  Depending on the time of year that you fly into Scotland, several of the airports can get quite busy and it is possible that you may arrive and have a limited selection of car hire vehicles available if you do not plan ahead of your arrival.