Essentials for your next camping trip

Planning a camping trip can feel a bit like a military operation.  There are many factors to consider and for many people this can be a stressful task.  Fortunately you can find all the equipment you need quickly and easily online at

To help you make the best plans for your next camping trip here are some top tips to help you get started with


Even if you not planning to go hiking on your outdoor camping holiday it is important to include sturdy footwear in your luggage.  Comfy hiking boots are ideal for protecting your feet as you set up your tent and also for getting around the site and local area.  Wellingtons Boots are a good idea too if the weather changes and you end up with a few wet days.  Lightweight flip flops are ideal for wearing to the showers and washrooms.

Cool Bag and Thermos Flask

Cool bags and thermos flasks are great for camping.  They provide easy ways to keep food cool and hot on the campsite and also if you want to go out on trips.  This will mean you don’t have to buy food whilst you are out and this can save money if you are on a tight budget.  You can find a range of cooking and picnic equipment online now at

Local Maps

It is a good idea to invest in detailed maps of the local area around the campsite.  This will provide you with walking and cycling routes, local attractions and more so that you can plan your stay more effectively.

Instant Shelter

Large tents can be more comfortable and spacious but they can also be time consuming to set up.  It is a good idea to invest in smaller instant shelter tents for touring holidays.  These can be put up in just a few minutes and are ideal if you only intend to stop off for one night before moving on.

Polythene Sheets

Pack a spare polythene sheet.  This can come in very handy against the damp.  You can spread the sheet on the floor for additional protection in seating and sleeping areas and also cover furniture and equipment on rainy days.

If you are going on a camping trip then find the equipment you need online now at  It is easy to shop online these days and this can take some of the hassle out of planning your next camping trip.