Western Highlands

The Western Highlands are known for their calendar image perfect scenery.  Throughout the area there are long sea lochs that line the inland valleys set against majestic mountaintops in the distance, which is the reason that area is considered one of the most stunning untouched parts of Scotland and Europe.

The area is also home to some of the finest mountain ranges of Scotland and the highest mountain in the UK, Ben Nevis.  There are also many hill walking trails spread throughout the wilderness, mainly towards Glencoe, making it the perfect place for those who are looking for an entertaining trek.

Additionally, due to the fact that the mountain land is omni-present, nearly 100 of Scotland’s 284 Munros are found in the Western Highlands, which means there are a wide range of challenges provided for every hill walker skill level.

Beginners will enjoy The Lost Valley trail in Glencoe, which leads travellers through a well hidden valley over a two hour hill walk that covers a total distance of four kilometres.  With only a small height gain of 152m, most people should comfortably be able to handle the trek.

Another enjoyable route is the Arisaig Scamadale trail, which allows hill walkers to look up through the treetops to see the summits above.  It is a gentle two hour walk that covers 12km but only includes a total height gain of 20m.

Finally, beginners looking for a more scenic stroll will enjoy the Maol Chinn-dearg path, which leads walkers in a circle around the top of the South Cluanie ridge, with a total height gain of 780m.  It is estimated to take about three and a half hours to cover the 7km trail.

Skilled hill walkers will want to try out the Dornie-Bundalloch-River Glennan trail, which leads trekkers in a circle around two large valleys that are surrounded by mountain tops and ridges. The 19.32km path takes about six and a half hours to complete and covers a complete height gain of 620m.

Another spectacular intermediate path is the Easains, which takes hill walkers to the top of two separate Munros that both offer a great vantage point of the area due to the amazing height gain of 1012m.  The trail takes about eight hours due to the fact it covers 16km.

For an amazing view over the Scottish moorlands of Lochleven the Heights of Kinlochleven is a great choice as it takes about five hours to complete the 16km trail.

Those with a good physical threshold will enjoy the Black Mount from the Bridge of Orchy trail, which is strenuous but also quite exhilarating due to the fact it raises up 1250m and includes the summits of two of The Black Mount’s peaks.  It takes about six and a half hours to finish the 19km trail.

Finally, for those in extremely good shape, a hill walk in The Western Highlands would not be complete without an attempt at Ben Nevis the highest peak in the UK with a total height gain of 1330m.  The entire trek takes an amazing ten hours and covers just 16km.