Skye, also referred to as the Isle of Skye, is the largest northern island found along Scotland’s Inner Hebrides.  For the most part the terrain of the peninsulas are covered by Cuillin hill side making it a popular location for hill walking.  Its wildlife also makes it an amazing area to hill walk in since you stand a good chance of sighting a red deer, salmon, or a golden eagle while out on the trail.

Another reason that people enjoy hill walking on the Skye mountaintops is due to the fact that they have a strong profile from which you can look out over the highlands.  For those who prefer more gradual walks there are also many walkways through the forest, in which you can look up through the pines up at the majestic summits.

The area of Skye has a high density of Munros, which means that it is possible to travel to the top of multiple summits in one day although many serious hill walkers prefer to climb slower so that they can appreciate the views and wildlife.

The best trail on the Northwest peninsula of Skye is the MacLeod’s Tables, which takes hill walkers over the highest two hills of the peninsula.  It takes approximately four and a half hours to trek over the nine kilometres of trails that include a height gain of 720m.

Those who want an intense trail will want to choose the Sgurr Alasdair, which takes travellers to the tallest summit along the Cuillin ridge of Skye for a total height gain of 990m.  The trail takes about five and a half hours to complete, given that it is 9km in length.

Also worth a trip is the Beinn na Cailleach in the Red Cuillin trail, which allows hill walkers to look out over the southern coast of Skye throughout its entire length of four kilometres.  The hill leads travellers up boulder ground and provides excellent views of the mainland hills, the Cullin Ridge, and the Southern area of Skye.  With a gentler height gain of 680 meters and an entire length of three and a half hours the trail is excellent for moderate climbers.

One of the most popular trails along the Cuillin ridge is the Sgurr nan Gillean, which is for moderate to experienced hill walkers with a total distance of 12km and a height gain of 900 metres.  Be prepared for a physical workout on the trail as it takes six hours to complete.