Loch Lomond and the Trossachs

The Loch Lomond National Park was the first national park to be founded in Scotland and contains the largest freshwater expanse within the UK.  Within the park are the towns of Aberfoyle and Callander which are both used as the base for many hill walking trails.   On the trails there are plenty of glimmering lochs and wild glens.

Many of the beginner’s hill walking trails are housed within Loch Lomond and the Trossachs due to the fact that the National Park is found close to the central cities of Scotland and near to many towns.  Additionally, it has some of the most scenic locations in Scotland, which include the wooded lochs that can be seen over the Ben Lomond Munro, and the high mountains of the north to the southern fields.

One of the best hill walks to try out if you are a beginner is the Ben A’an, Loch Katrine & the Trossachs trail which only lasts 1.5 hours and covers a height gain of 454m over 3.2km.

Another short hill walk is the Killin- Sron a Chlachain trail which is a steep climb, although at the top of the summit you can look out over the quaint Highland Killin village.  The trek includes a height gain of 350m over the total distance of 5km and will last about two hours.

For a slightly longer versatile trail the Ben Ledi trail is a four hour walk that will allow you to look out over the area and covers around 8km.  It is for more experienced hill walkers however given the fact that it includes a height gain of 760m.

The most common trail in the Loch Lomond National Park is the meal nan Tarmachan trail, which heads up the Southern Highlands.  It takes on average about three hours to cover the 7km of paths that include a height gain of 550m.

The longest trail in the Loch Lomond National Park is the Ben Lui from Tyndrum, which covers the hike across one of the highest mountains in Scotland and will take about seven hours to complete due to the fact that it is 21km long.  It is a suitable challenge with a height gain of 1500m.

Those that want to take in the stunning view of the southern Munros also will enjoy the Ben Lomond hill walking trail, which climbs up the large mountain in a circular pattern to cover a height gain of 1000m.  On average it takes about five hours to complete the climb that covers entails a distance of 11km.

Aside from the Munro hills it is worth it to climb The Cobbler trail which heads up the Ben Arthur Mountain a total of 890m in height.  The trail is great for moderate hill walkers and takes about four hours to cover the 9km of trail.