Hill Walking Safety

While hill walking is a much safer pursuit than mountain climbing, there are still some very important hill walking safety tips that you should keep in mind.  Most people do not experience problems while engaging in hill walking, but emergencies do occur and is it best to be aware of what you may come up against.

First of all, the best hill walking safety tips include good planning so that if you do encounter a problem while hill walking you will not be caught off guard.  Although an unexpected difficulty is still a real threat under any conditions, it will be easier to deal if you have the proper gear.

This includes packing extra liquids and spare high energy foods in case that you get stranded while hiking on the mountain.  You should also pack a bivvy or plastic canvas that can be erected into an emergency shelter if you are forced to spend the night on the hill side.   Finally, make sure that you have a first aid kit so that you can treat an injury should one happen while hiking.

While hill walking you should always read a guide of the trail or hill side that you intend to climb due to the fact that the terrain or distance may be outside of your physical abilities.  However, by carefully charting your expeditions you can slowly build your skills and fitness up to the point where you can take on higher ventures.

Also, when looking over the guides you need to carefully map out your intended path so that you can access any diversions before setting out on your journey and plan multiple routes in the case that you come upon an obstacle.

With this in mind, you should follow your intended path at all times and never leave the trail or path even if it looks like a shortcut.  This is to prevent falling into a sinkhole or coming upon another obstacle that you did not anticipate.

If the trail requires you to follow a road along the way you should be sure to follow all of the highway codes and carefully cross all intersections.  For this reason it is also a good idea to pack brightly coloured clothes so that you are not only easy to find if you should get lost while hill walking but also so that you are highly visible while on the roads.

Following the train of clothing, you should also bring additional layers of clothes with you so that if the weather changes drastically you have proper attire to stay both warm and dry.  You also should pack re-sealable bags so that if it rains unexpectedly you can cover your electrical devices.

Finally, you should always bring a mobile with you while hill walking so that in case of emergency you can call for aid.  Additionally, should something happen while you are on the hill you can be located via reverse mobile signal look up by the authorities.